For each of our customers, Lyzyc is committed to providing complete and friendly services and commitment.

We can design and develop special bearings according to specific customer needs. We have developed and produces non-standard bearings for manufacturers of pumps, air compressors, machine tools, high temperature and high speed bearings.

Cost Saving Products
Lyzyc sells batches of matched bearing products that are reliable, and feature a high cost to performance ratio to manufacturers of CNC machine tools, electrical machines, rolling mills and more to help them save money, and consequently, we have become widely recognized among the bearing industry,

Technical Support
We can provide professional guidance and comprehensive technical support to all customers, local and international. We provide support for model selection, product design, manufacturing process, quality inspection, installation and maintenance.

Quality Warranty
With the use of our strict quality control processes and improved detection on the heat treatment and product's materials, dimension, shape, roughness, clearance, and noise performance, these precision bearings must meet qualification standards before packaging and shipment. The quality records and inspection data of the manufacturing and testing processes are also provided.

Price and Quality Commitment
We selectively use premium high-nitrogen stainless steel, high temperature bearing steel and other high end materials from both home and abroad to ensure the reliability of these stainless steel bearings.
Under competitive conditions, we offer customers our products at favorable prices, while still using high quality bearing parts and maintaining the high technical performance of the bearings.
Flexible Production

By using the ISO9000 quality management system throughout the production process, as well as a quick and flexible production model, the production cycle of standard bearing products is carried out within 45 to 60 days. The lead time for the production of custom bearings is 60 to 90 days. If the bearings are needed faster than that, our rapid emergency production model of small batches of products ensures a worry-free operation.

The following items are attached to the products during delivery:
1. Technical manual for maintenance and repair
2. General assembly drawing
3. Wearing parts, spare part list and a number of spare parts

Professional Logistics Services
With warehouses in China, Europe and the United States, a team that specializes in export services, and partnerships with internationally known logistics companies, we can supply products to customers around the world with efficient and professional international logistics services.

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