Applications of Precision Bearings

As an expert in precision bearing design and manufacturing, we can supply a great variety of angular contact ball bearings and cylinder roller bearings for use on CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, boring mills, machining centers, etc.

In addition to spindle bearing solutions for CNC machine tools, we can also supply custom bearings to meet the working demands of continuous casting machines and other machines.

    1. Precision Bearings For CNC Lathe We provide the following six solutions for the spindle bearings used on CNC lathe machine. If you would like to know more detailed information about our precision bearings, please leave us a message on this page.
    1. Precision Bearings For CNC Milling Machine Based on the requirements for radial and axial stiffness and working speed of the spindle of a CNC milling machine, Lyzyc provides the following precision bearings for distributors and dealers of bearings and accessories for CNC milling machine.
    1. Precision Bearings For Grinding Machine Lyzyc is capable of supplying angular contact ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing for the main spindles of flat grinder and cylindrical grinder as well as motored spindles. There are a variety of configurations for customers to choose from.
    1. Precision Bearings For Boring Mill Lyzyc professionally manufactures spindle bearings,including angular contact ball bearing, ball screw support bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, and custom bearings for all kinds of machine tools. We provide two solutions for the spindle used on boring mill; please refer to the table below.
    1. Precision Bearings for Continuous Casting MachinesTaking into consideration the high temperature, heavy load, and polluted working conditions of continuous casters, Lyzyc has developed a number of specialized bearings suitable for continuous casting machines.

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