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The sealed angular contact ball bearing's outer ring is designed with a seal groove, with a seal ring fastened on the inside. A certain axial clearance is reserved between the seal ring and the inner ring to form a non-contact seal.

The practical and environmentally friendly sealed ball bearing is an alternative to general machine tool bearings with open structures and no seal rings. With a seal ring, the angular contact ball bearing effectively prevents exterior debris from entering the bearing and ensures the high speed and high precision rotation of the spindle, as well as a long bearing life.

Main Materials
The inner and outer ring are made of high nitrogen stainless steel, high temperature bearing steel, and other high-end bearing materials. These materials give the miniature ball bearing a longer service life.

The bearing ball is a steel ball, and the bearing cage is made of bakelite.

The steel ball bearing is manufactured from high quality materials and has a long bearing life and high performance.

Our high speed bearing can be used in CNC machine tools, precision engraving machines, high-speed grinding machines and more to improve their reliability.

This precision ball bearing has a boundary dimension identical to general bearings with an open structure.

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